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3M Caulk Softener and Remover

3M Caulk Softener and Remover

3M Caulk Softener - Make Removing Caulk Simple

3M Caulk Softener will make removing caulk from inside your home easier than you thought. 3M Caulk Softener also works outdoors on windows and other surfaces. This caulk softener takes the frustration out of removing caulk that has adhered to the surface of your window, shower, tub, and more. Let this unique formula do all the hard work for you by breaking down the adhesion between your surface and caulk. You will be able to remove all types of caulk however, some acrylics may need a longer period to soften. See directions below and on container bottle for full details.

Removing Caulk Directions

Apply 1/8 inch bead of caulk softener along the surface you wish to remove. Let solution sit for a minimum of 2 hours before removing caulk.  You may need to allow more time if caulk is not easily loosened. It can take up to 7 hours before the caulk softener loosens the most stubborn acrylic caulk.

Once loosened, removing caulk can be easily done with a putty knife. Any leftover caulk residue can be carefully taken off with a safety razor blade. Clean surface with water, making sure all residues have been cleaned off. Let surface dry completely before re-caulking. You can order your replacement caulk here and have everything shipped together. With hundreds of colors to choose from you will be able to match what you need.

Please Note: Not for use on older plastic wall tiles nor lower end ABS plastic showers or tubs.

Coverage: Each 8 oz. bottle will provide a 24 foot long bead that is 1/8 inch thick.

3M Caulk Softener is an USA made product.

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3M Caulk Softener and Remover
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