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Colorfast Grout Colorant Kit

Colorfast Grout Colorant Kit

Colorfast Grout Stain Colorant - Change Grout Color

This helpful grout stain colorant should be used when your grout has faded or has chipped away. Easily change grout colors with this kit which includes an 8 oz colorant, application brush and cleaning sponge. This 8 oz grout stain colorant covers about 37 to 205 square feet depending on tile size and joint widths between your tiles. Change grout color without professional help by just following the directions carefully. Testing a small area first is always recommended.

After using the grout stain colorant, your grout will be be resealed to help protect against moisture and future stains. Change grout colors to get a new look without replacing your glazed ceramic tiles. This grout stain colorant is made by Colorfast in 12 popular colors and is a water based formula. Change grout colors easily and also find colored caulks to match on our website.

Grout Stain Colorant Highlights

  • Change grout colors without re-grouting
  • Formula is water based
  • Use on sanded or unsanded grout
  • Kit included brush, scrub pad and 8 oz grout colorant
  • Will renew the look of your tiles
  • Offered in many colors

Directions to Change Grout Color

  • Always test your grout stain colorant on a small area
  • Sealer must be removed before application
  • Use on cleaned grout that is free of dirt or grease
  • Brush colorant onto grout, avoiding tiles
  • Dry time is 2 hours between coats
  • Scrub pad included to clean tiles of residue

Stock Note: This non-stocked item will take 8 to 14 business days to arrive to you (depending on location). Due to a change in policy by the manufacturer, we can no longer ship this item immediately.


Colorfast Grout Colorant Coverage Chart
Colorfast - Grout Colorant Kit
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Our grout stain colorant is made by Colorfast Industries and is also available in any of our colored caulk colors.

Change grout color today by purchasing this product and professionally color grout without the professional.

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