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Colorfast Heavy Duty Citrus Cleaners

Colorfast Heavy Duty Citrus Cleaners

32 oz Colorfast Citrus Cleaner - Tile Grout Maintenance

Our Colorfast Citrus Cleaner is an aggressive solution that will cut through grease and oil stains left on your grout. For the best tile grout maintenance use this product on any surface, except for porous tiles. The citrus cleaner is available for purchase in either a ready to use or concentrated formula. Both of the tile grout maintenance products come in a 32 oz bottle and are made in America. This citrus cleaner will safely remove mold and mildew build up from the grout while leaving behind your beautiful tiles.

Tile grout maintenance is a must and this cleaner will save you money since it also can clean up epoxy haze from grout if used in the first 24 hours. Use the Colorfast Citrus Cleaner in your home and find that it has a pleasant orange smell, unlike other harsh chemical cleaners. Have this tile grout maintenance solution ship straight to your home or job for just one low cost.

Citrus Cleaner Instructions

  • For best tile grout maintenance results, first clean debris from surfaces
  • For concentrate: dilute 1 part concentrate to 5 parts water
  • While using cleaner, shake every 3 minutes
  • Apply ample amount of solution and let sit for 5 minutes
  • Scrub or agitate the cleaner with a grout brush
  • Use a clean sponge to rinse area
  • Repeat steps if needed

Tile Grout Maintenance Highlights

  • Citrus cleaner removes dirt and grease
  • Use in first 24 hours of grouting to remove epoxy haze
  • Fresh citrus orange scent
  • Ready to use or concentrate available in 32 oz bottle
  • Kills off mold and mildew
  • American made
Available Sizes:

Item # Size Type
47-0216 32 oz Ready to Use
47-0217 32 oz Concentrate

Note: This citrus cleaner is not to be used on porous tiles.

Simplify your tile grout maintenance by using this aggressive cleaning agent that can be used at home or at your next job site!
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Colorfast Heavy Duty Citrus Cleaners
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