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Colorfast Heavy Duty Citrus Cleaners
Master SKU: 47-0216
The 32 oz Colorfast Citrus Cleaner is available in either a ready to use spray or concentrate. This tile grout maintenance solution has a fresh orange scent and will help clean up grease or oil stains.

Our price: $10.89
Colorfast Loose Tile Repair
Master SKU: 47-0200
This loose tile repair adhesive is applied underneath tiles by drilling a hole into broken grout joints. Fixing loose tiles is made easy with this product because you will not have to re-grout an entire surface!

Our price: $8.99
Urethane Pre-Mixed Grout by Colorfast
Master SKU: 47-02501

Colorfast pre-mixed urethane grout. Available in 12 different colors. Comes in a 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon sized container.

Our price: $98.00
Colorfast Grout Colorant Kit
Master SKU: 47-0202#

Sick of your grout color and are looking for a change? Order this Colorfast grout stain colorant kit which will cover 37 to 145 feet of grout! Comes with application brush, 8 oz colorant and cleaning sponge.

Our price: $18.99
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