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CornerTape Preparation Wipes

CornerTape Preparation Wipes


Use Corner Tape Preparation Wipes Before Caulking

Corner Tape Prep Wipes will leave surface clean before caulking. Use Corner Tape Wipes to kill bacteria   found on surfaces you will be caulking. Wipes will remove dirt, fats, and other residues, leaving your surface ready to be work on. 

Corner Tape Wipes are ideal for new surfaces that will have caulking applied. Use to get rid of dust and dirt that would otherwise keep your caulking from adhering tightly.

Hint: Keep package closed to prevent wipes from drying out.

Wipes come in 2 different size packages. Use the 4 pack for your smaller patching jobs. The larger 20 pack is ideal for your bathroom size project. Start your caulking project the right way by prepping work area first to give an ideal surface for caulking.

Please Note: CornerTape Wipes are Flammable. Contains alcohol (2-propanol).

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Preparation Wipes for CornerTape
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