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Custom Colored Caulk

Custom Colored Caulk Ordering Instructions

Custom colored caulk can be made to match a manufacturer's color number or when an actual sample is given. Custom colored caulk is available in the latex formula. We can match to samples of paint, grout, caulk, and stains. We try to match the most predominate color in the stain. Metallics are not available.

Please keep in mind that dye lots may vary slightly no matter what is being matched.

Custom colored caulk is a special order, non-refundable item.

Custom Colored Caulk Pricing

Latex Custom Caulk Pricing
  • $20.00 color match fee per color per order
  • Plus $9.99 per 10.3 oz tube
  • 10 tube minimum order
  • Standard shipping rates apply

Custom colored caulk can be ordered by calling (866)258-1554 Monday through Friday, 8-5 CST. You can also email questions to sales@installerstore.com.

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