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Latex Colored Caulk - Bonsal Color Line

Latex Colored Caulk - Bonsal Color Line

ColorFast Caulk  - Color Matched Caulk for Bonsal Colored Grout

This is ColorFast caulk manufactured to match the Bonsal colored grout lne. The color matched caulk comes in 10.3 oz. tubes, marked ColorFast Caulk. Even though this color matched caulk was made as a compliment to the Bonsal grout line, the ColorFast caulk can be used as a match to any color needed. Colors in this pallate range from several choices of blue,tan, khaki green, a deep evergreen, navy, and more.

Bonsal color matched caulk can be used indoors or outdoors. Great for windows, bathtub surrounds, kitchen backsplashes and more. The ColorFast caulk is a no slump formula that will work great for your vertical applications. ColorFast caulk is also UV resistant, which helps keep the color from fading.

ColorFast caulk is sold in sanded and unsanded tubes. You not only can choose a color matched caulk, but also a texture match. The unsanded caulk has a smooth texture and is commonly found around tubs, windows, backsplashes, etc. Any place where visually you want a smooth finshed caulk line or where you will need to frequently wipe clean the surface. Then sanded tubes of caulk have a rougher, sandy feel. You may want to use this texture alongside like textured items such as brick and rough stone.

ColorFast Caulk Highlights

  • Color matched caulk to the Bonsal grout line
  • Siliconized acrylic latex caulk
  • Non-slump formula
  • Dry to touch in 1 hour, fully cures in 3 - 5 days
  • 10.3 oz ColorFast caulk tubes
  • Coverage is approximately 25 linear feet with a 1/4" bead
  • Sanded (rough texture) and unsanded (smooth texture) caulk choices
  • Complies with ASTM C834 for interior and exterior uses
  • Moisture, mildew, UV resistant
  • Proudly made in the USA


  • Make sure surface is free of dust, dirt, and oils
  • Work in air temperature above 40 degrees F
  • Working time to smooth and remove excess caulk is approximately 20 minutes
  • Clean-up can be done with a damp cloth and should be done before caulk cures

Caulk Tools

ColorFast Caulk has been manufactured to be a color matched caulk for the Bonsal colored line of grout. Made in the USA.

Stock Note: Non-stocked items will take 8 to 14 business days to arrive to you (depending on location). Due to a change in policy by the manufacturer, we can no longer ship non-stock items immediately. If you order a stock and a non-stock item the order will be shipped complete when the non-stock item arrives to our warehouse. All non-stock items will have a red * for easy discernibility.

Note: Navy and Evergreen have been discontinued.
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